House - on 3 floors

Top floor:

Sleeping accommodation for up to 8 people sharing 3 bedrooms. There are 2 large bedrooms that accommodate 3 people each, plus one double room for 2 people. The main bathroom is on this floor.    

Middle floor:

Library - a quiet room containing a library of books on mainly spiritual, art, poetry and health matters. There is also a piano, and facilities for playing CDs and cassettes, or watching DVDs. This room has a wood burning stove for the cooler evenings.

Living/Dining room - with a wood burning stove. This room looks out over the valley to the mountains beyond.

Kitchen - leading out to a small balcony and steps down to our vegetable garden.

Bottom floor:

The main room on this floor is a large 'Cantina', that leads out onto a large south-facing terrace looking out over our land and the valley and mountains beyond. This room is 7m x 3m and flexible in use. It can be used as a workshop space, dormitory, or dining room for large groups, and also for discussion groups or meetings. Alternatively it can be used for meditation, yoga, music and small workshops as appropriate.

There is a second bathroom on this floor, containing toilet and shower, plus a washing machine available for use by visitors.  

Tents and Mongolian Yurt 

1. Individual tents

We have several small comfortable tents which sleep 1 or 2 people with space for a bag/suitcase beside them, and equipped with sleeping mats or air mattresses and bedding. The camping area is within easy reach of the house.

2. Large Mongolian YURT

We also offer the use of our Mongolian YURT. This measures approx. 5.75m (about 17.5 ft) in diameter, and can used for workshops or alternatively as a dormitory sleeping up to 10 people. In winter the yurt is fitted with a small wood burning stove that efficiently warms the space.  In summer, during the day, the sides of the yurt can be raised, so the occupants are shaded from the sun whilst in the open air and able to see the surrounding views. We made a beautiful wooden floor for the yurt, which makes it suitable for many different activities.