Doug Hanvey. Looking for a quiet meditation/yoga retreat center for your group, or a relaxing and rejuvenating weekend getaway for yourself? Apennine Retreat is the perfect spot! Overlooking a peaceful, picturesque valley, you’ll be warmly welcomed by Ali and Mike, fed healthy and tasty food, and enjoy good company. Highly recommended!  (November 2013)


Liz Shaw.  Thank you both so much for such an amazing break we really feel we have known you for ever.  My memories are of

  • Lazy, sunny breakfast on the terrace with cats providing entertainment.
  • Ever changing views of mountains and forests in hues of dark and light .
  • Cappuccino ' boiling' in quiet village squares.
  • Ali driving me to meet the boys at the end of their bike rides.
  • Hilarious ping pong dancing.
  • Surrendering to the gong bath vibrations.
  • Being cared for and looked after in such a friendly relaxed manner.
  • Pizza quizzes.and delicious Tortelloni.
  • Vibrant market scarves - which one to choose?
  • Mike's Guided walk up rocky paths in cool forests with carpets of pink cyclamen.
  • Delightful new friendships with 'old souls' I feel I have met before.
  • Sleeping like a baby and emerging refreshed and still.
  • Sitting alone by the yurt cloud gazing.

(September 2012)


 Anne Georgina Gray-Thompson. This is a little piece of the Apennines, where time stands still. When the mist covers the mountains and you're sitting around a crackling wood fire, roasting the chestnuts found in the woods, there is an unworldy feeling of the past in this beautiful simply renovated rustic farmhouse, especially when Mike is playing his music in the cantina. Ali and Mike are generous in nature and spirit, so whatever the time of year, there will be wholesome nutritious food, lots of laughter, the odd game of table tennis and a library of interesting books to read. Mushrooms gathering of course, part of daily life!
(Oct 2010)


Sam Hall. Big thanks to our new friends Alison and Mike. The retreat is fantastic and the perfect place for a break. We spent 8 nights of high quality chilling out time there. They have a lovely old stone house overlooking a deep wooded vally with the big mountains of the Apennines framing the distance. They cook excellent healthy fresh food including eggs from their chickens and more plums than you can shake a stick at. If you are lucky they will treat you to a free lesson in pasta making and the best of all you get to eat it (we loved it so much we bought a pasta making machine in the local market). We did cycling, tennis and swimming in the local river and they even let us loose in their inspiring library. But perhaps best of all, Ali and Mike have created a kind, supportive and generous space in which to rest, relax and grow. They are two wise souls happily opening up their home to anyone who is interested in a life better led. What more can I say, it's excellent!
(Sept 2010)


Daniel Simpson. A restfully enriching experience, with two inspiring and generous hosts. I went on a whim with no fixed expectations, having read a review on a mailing list. I wanted a few days out of London to clear my mind before working on the final draft of a book. All manner of serendipitous twists ensued. The ideas I'd been in search of popped up effortlessly, while Mike and Ali shared the breadth and depth of their experiences, their library and their culinary talents. They were a pleasure to be with, whether we talked, sat in silence, read, walked, ate, drank or played music. Though we also practiced some formal meditation and yoga, the spiritual dimension infused everything. I recommend a visit wholeheartedly.
(Sept 2010)


Robin Daly. This place is a gem! Set in stunning Italian mountain scenery, the sensitively converted rural farmhouse oozes character, and is both a cozy winter retreat and an idyllic summer getaway. And on top of this, the welcome and the hospitality of the owners, Mike and Ali is second to none. Thoroughly recommended!
(July 2009)


Una Fox. If you are finding that the rat race is becoming overwhelming and that you just need to stop and move off the tracks for a bit, then this is the place to come. I've been to this wonderful haven four times this year, witnessing and enjoying each season and the kindness, generosity and hospitality of Ali and Mike. I came away feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and renewed. Come here to be still, to enjoy the silence, to meditate, to walk in unspoilt nature, to benefit from good company, to eat great food prepared with loving hands and hearts, Read, relax, take part in a yoga class, chant and dance. What's missing? - nothing, except your own experience of the Apennine Retreat!
(Oct 2011)


Stephen Mills. A home away from home, but more relaxed. Open hearts, open minds, joyful sharing and inspiring. A place to meet, a place of peace, a place to grow, to weave together and find within. My yoga retreat was all this and more, I left not wanting to leave, certain to return and fulfilled.
(Oct 2011)


Mei Capes. A life changing retreat full of beauty, inspiration, exploration, tranquillity and love that was everything I needed.
(Oct 2011)